By Alison Vaughn

 A business place requires you to present yourself in a complacent manner, known as business etiquette. There are plenty of business etiquette skills to facilitate a respectful atmosphere and good interaction in the workplace.

Business etiquette refers to unwritten set of rules applicable to professional workplaces, social situations, and relationships. Good business etiquette means exercising proper manners and acting professionally. It is a skill-set enhancing your success rate and you stand out.

Importance of business etiquette skills

Business etiquette has an important role in the success of an individual and business. There are benefits on using the business etiquette skills:

  • Nurture harmonious environment- With good business etiquette skills means you display respect and courtesy towards employers and coworkers. Thus, you nurture a good working environment that the productivity increases.
  • Builds healthy relationships- The business etiquette skills develop strong relationships as you follow honest and fair dealings with customers, employers, and coworkers.
  • Instills confidence- You can handle various matters and demonstrate self-control that reveals your confidence. Your cool composure keeps you comfortable and you know what and when to speak.

How to improve the skills of business etiquette?

A few basics are a must to improve the skills:

 Dress: You must practice to dress appropriately. Physical appearance matters. Making the first impression is important. There is no need to get overdressed. Looking presentable reflects your professional approach and the way you take the job seriously.

 Timeliness:  Business is time-bound, so you must know to value time. Regardless of whether it is a meeting or a project discussion, being punctual has its respect. You can win over your employers, coworkers or customers in all that you do by being punctual. Again, it reveals your professionalism that you give priority to your work.

 Respect: Show respect to your customers, employers, and coworkers, in all situations. Listen carefully and avoid interrupting when someone is speaking. It is a way of respecting them. Attempting to learn foreign languages and their customs is a way of respecting their culture.

 What are the other business etiquette considerations?

  • Etiquette online: Virtual communication is critical in the business world and there is a need to maintain professionalism. Use proper grammar, complete sentences while composing emails, and check for technical errors. Keep your letter soft, avoid emoticons or jargons.

  • Outside office: Business etiquette needs to follow beyond office boundaries. It is necessary to follow good tableside etiquettes while attending a business dinner or luncheon. Good dining manners help to win over people and business deals.


Alison Vaughn is founder of Detroit-based Jackets for Jobs, Inc., a nonprofit that provides career skills training and clothing to job seekers. Jackets for Jobs, Inc is recognized by ABC’s The View, NBC’s Today Show and NASDAQ  as a worthy organization to support. Vaughn is a sought after public speaker and community advocate. She is a Comcast Newsmaker, Goldman Sachs Scholar and honored as Crain’s Notable women in Non-Profits. She’s also been featured in Entrepreneur & Fortune Magazine.

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