By Alison Vaughn

Every one of us is born to win, but very few people actually win. Given the competitive nature of life, most people end up shelving their dreams when they can’t seem to achieve what they desire. You certainly do not want to be among those clinging to the hope that some miracle will happen to them and change their lives. Winning is all about putting in the work, being eager to learn every day, and most importantly, setting attainable goals. Goal setting is what makes the difference between winners and those waiting for miracles. Goals give you direction in life. They are the first steps to every journey you embark on in life.

Not having goals yet you expect to achieve what you want is like embarking on a journey to an unknown destination. You’ll surely not get anywhere. That’s why it’s important to set attainable goals. Keep in mind that there’s a difference between setting goals just for the sake of it and setting attainable goals.  Far too often, we tend to set goals that are out of our reach and this is what causes failure. An attainable goal is one that you’re able to achieve within a well-defined timeline. If you set a goal to save $10,000 in one month when you’ve never made such an amount is simply setting yourself up for failure. Setting unattainable goals will make you lose your self-confidence.

Let’s look at how to have attainable goals:

Focus on fewer goals

There’s no point having too many goals that you won’t be able to achieve. Biting more than you can chew ruins your self-confidence, brings confusion, and causes inertia. The secret is to have fewer goals and focus on them before taking up more goals.

Be specific

Be as precise as possible when setting goals. Instead of “being healthy,” your goal should be something like “lift deadlifts twice a week.” Vague goals create room for postponement, which is a sure way to thwart your path to success. When your goal is precise, you’ll know the specific actions you’ll need to take to succeed.

Shelve impractical goals

It’s okay to be ambitious but not to the point of being unrealistic or holding on to goals when progress is too slow. Having impractical goals only does more harm than good. It makes sense to disengage from frustrating goals to avoid achieving the impossible, save your mental health, and use your limited time more effectively.

Be aware of your limitations

We all have certain limitations that could stand in our way to achieving our goals. To be able to achieve your goals, you must be aware of your limitations so you can devise ways to conquer them.

So there you have it. These tips will help you set attainable goals and set you on the right path towards success. For more ideas on how to have attainable goals, grab a copy of Alison Vaughn’s book “Ms. Goal Digger: Success is Sexy”.

Alison Vaughn is founder of Detroit-based Jackets for Jobs, Inc., a nonprofit that provides career skills training and clothing to job seekers. Jackets for Jobs, Inc is recognized by ABC’s The View, NBC’s Today Show and NASDAQ  as a worthy organization to support. Vaughn is a sought after public speaker and community advocate. She is a Comcast Newsmaker, Goldman Sachs Scholar and honored as Crain’s Notable women in Non-Profits. She’s also been featured in Entrepreneur & Fortune Magazine.

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